Our raffle is our primary fundraiser. If you are interested in buying or selling raffle tickets please contact us today.

There is no minimum to ride in the Yeti Tour.


We have exciting fundraising incentives! Every supporter raising $500 or more qualifies.

Our top fundraiser every year is recognized as that year’s Legendary Rider. Will you go down in infamy, like the Yeti himself, as our 2019 Legendary Rider?!

Fundraising Tips

Our top fundraisers have shared some pro tips with us. The below list is a good primer on how to to easily and quickly fund raise for our event.

  • Have tickets with you (in the car, jacket, purse/bag)

  • Sell raffle tickets or take donations at work (this is where most tickets are sold).

  • Post on social networks to let people know you have tickets. Make it personal - explain why the cause is important to you. Feel free to re-post a few times (perhaps weekly) before the event to get maximum exposure.

  • Create a text message and go down your phone’s contact list pasting in the message to ask if your family and friends would be interested in supporting your efforts.

  • Sell tickets at family gatherings or networking events.

  • Ask supportive family and friends if they'd be willing to sell tickets with you!

  • Ask supportive business owners if they would be interested in helping selling tickets to their customers. If they are interesting in sponsorship opportunities as well, let us know!

  • Set a daily or weekly goal of selling a pack of raffle tickets and track your progress.

  • Get an early start! You'd be surprised how many tickets you can sell just by moving a handful a week.

  • It’s never too late! We’ve seen supporters sell 100+ tickets in the final couple days just by making a concentrated push using the above tips.